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Results of show 5 (final) – 2012 NWL Results Show 5

Final placings of NWL 2012 – NWL 2012 Points Table Show 05a

Thanks to Libby for compiling the results of the league.

Winners of the League:

  • Liz Cuffe (Letterkenny)
    • Primary – 3 x 1st, 1 x 2nd, 1 x 5th.
  • Rosaleen Harkin (Donegal Gaeltacht) – P/AP Leading Rider
    • Advanced Primary – 2 x 1st, 2 x 2nd, 1 x 3rd
  • Rachael McCrossan (Donegal Gaeltacht)
    • Intermediate – 2 x 1st, 1 x 3rd, 1 x 4th, 1 x 5th
  • Damien Gallagher (Letterkenny) – Int+ Leading Rider
    • Advanced Intermediate – 3 x 1st, 1 x 2nd, 1 x 4th
  • Laura Schneider (Donegal Gaeltacht)
    • Open – 3 x 1st, 1 x 3rd

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What a day yesterday was.  It was so lovely, we were all melting before we even got to compete.

Liz Cuffe took the Primary class at the final show.  Rudy Schneider followed with Boisey, and the pair will be heading  to Flowerhill next.  The Advanced Primary, in addidion to being a bigger class, was also a more competitive class.  Tommy McGinley was leading the class for a while, but Rosaleen Harkin snatched it from him on her third mount.  Rosaleen also won the Primary/Advanced Primary Leading Rider of the League.  Ruth McCrossan beat Packie Ferry in the jump-off in the Intermediate class.  In the Advanced Intermediate Stephen Greene, Dungloe got into the jump-off with his third mount, but Damien Gallagher took the class and the Intermediate and Above Leading Rider of the League.  Sally Mahon won the open, followed by Bruce Vial and Laura Schneider.  It was a thrilling day.

Thank you to Jacqueline Maudlin and Trish Warren for judging the shows and Seamus McCaffrey for the course building, and a big well done and thank you to the members of the three Donegal clubs for attending and helping to run the league.  Finally, thank you to Jonathan Dinsmore, North West Photography for photographing the final show.

The North West League is a great event in our calendar.  Roll on next year!

Final results and league placings will be available tomorrow or soon after and photos will be uploaded in due course.  Also, keep an eye on North West Photography.

Photos starting to come in (see Gallery):

Packie and his new horse, Micky!

Rosaleen Harkin, winner of the Advanced Primary class and league with Tommy, Keary, Lawrence and Anne, some of her Advanced Primary competitors.

Husband and wife, Packie and Carmel, who won the fundraising 'Speed Classes' for Our Lady's Hospital, in association with 'Megan's Day'

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NWL 2012 Results

Updated 21/03/2012

League points table – NWL 2012 Points Table Show 04b – amended

Results of shows – 2012 NWL Results Show 4

With just the final to go, it’s getting exciting at the top of each class.  Primary will go to either Liz Cuffe or Christopher Pyper, both Letterkenny RC.  Advanced Primary will be fought our between Donegal Gaeltacht’s Lawrence Smyth and Rosaleen Harkin (yesterday’s winner).  In the Intermediate, it’s between our own Rachael McCrossan and Tirconaill’s Shane McCole.  Advanced Intermediate will be between our own Stephen Greene and Letterkenny’s Damien Gallagher and Laura will take the Open class.  There will be extra fundraising Speed classes, for Our Lady’s Hospital, with a bucket on the gate for entry fee at the final, on 25th March.  It will be run as a class for P/AP after the 80cm training class and a class for Int+ immediately after, but before the Intermediate competition.  The final really will be the show to watch!

See Letterkenny’s website for photos, etc.

Photos also in our Photo Gallery pages – will be updated as photos received.

Rudy Schneider and Boysie:

Ailbhe Kelly and Kilmanjaro:

Anne Harkin and Banshee Lady:

New club member Carla McGinley:

Rosaleen getting revenge:

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The club did brilliantly at today’s fourth and penultimate leg at the North West League.  It was a quiet show, though a few sore heads did manage to compete after last night’s Hunt Ball.  Rudy won the Primary class.  Rosaleen won the Advanced Primary class and Carla came second.  Carmel won the Intermediate class.  Packie got lost, so did Roisin, but she’s blaming Packie!  As if!  Damien Gallagher, Letterkenny RC, beat Stephen in the Advanced Intermediate and Laura, having had a lonely Open class, went on to show us how it’s done by really flying high around a 1.2m training course.  Not being sure about the other placing, we can be assured they’ll be produced very quickly by Libby.  Only the final to go now!

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The sun did shine between the showers at yesterday’s third leg of the North West League.  It had a quiet turnout due to conflicting activities, but it was a good day.  Jacqueline and Packie started the show at exactly 11am and everyone is well used to Packie’s sharp orders by now.

In the Primary class Ryan came ahead of Roisin, again, after what we may now refer to as ‘Ryan’s flying dismount technique’.  Liz Cuffe, Letterkenny RC, now leads the class with 20 points, Ryan is in third with 13, Roisin in fifth with 9 and Rudy in sixth with 8.

Lawrence won the Advanced Primary class, just beating Rosaleen for the second time, with a combination of Marybelle’s occasional sharp turns and making full use of the arena.  Anne came third with Banshee.  They are in the same positions in the league.  Lawrence has 20 points, Rosaleen 17 and Anne 9.  Tommy and Manus missed the day’s jumping and both are sitting joint eighth with 4 points.  Our Liz is settling for tenth place as she is unable to compete at her grade at the moment.  Carla is in twelfth place after missing the day’s jumping too.

The highlight of the day was the tense jump-off in the Intermediate class.  Rachael won the class on Ruth’s horse Sioux, ahead of Shane.  Ruth came third on Rachael’s horse Rodger.  Packie attempted to steer his own wife, Carmel, wrong by calling to her to go left instead of right.  Thankfully, Carmel knows all too well about Packie’s sense of direction in jump-offs and corrected brilliantly to take fourth.  Rachael continues to lead the league with 19 points, Ruth is in fourth with 10 and Carmel is joint sixth with 5.  Packie is in eleventh place and Ailbhe is in joint twelfth having also missed the day’s jumping.

Stephen is in joint first place in the Advanced Intermediate class with 17 points, but with everyone on similar points it’s anyone’s game.

In the Open class, Laura leads with 15 points after three shows and Trish is in second with 6 points after competing in one show.

There are only two shows left.  A few competitors may have sore heads for the next show, this coming Sunday, after the Hunt Ball on Saturday night.  Who knows what might happen!

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Western Region Results 2011

The Western Region’s prize-giving for the 2011 took place at the region’s dinner dance last Saturday night.  Lawrence, Rosaleen and Trish represented the club and collected the prizes.  Congratulations to everyone.

Club of the Year – 1st Benbulben, 2nd Donegal Gaeltacht, 3rd Dalysgrove, 4th Letterkenny, 5th Castle Carraig, 6th Tonabrocky.

Donegal Gealtacht’s results:

Member of the Year 2011 – Primary: 3rd Ryan McBride (Carrigart), 4th Tommy McGinley (Falcarragh), joint 5th Roisin McGee (Falcarragh).  Advanced Primary: joint 6th Lawrence Smyth (Falcarragh).  Open: 1st Trish Warren (Falcarragh), 2nd Connor Gallagher (Burtonport), joint 3rd Bruce Vial (Falcarragh).

Show Jumping Spring League Leading Rider 2011 – Primary: 1st Tommy McGinley (Falcarragh), 3rd Ryan McBride (Carrigart), joint 4th Roisin McGee (Falcarragh).  Advanced Primary: 1st Lawrence Smyth (Falcarragh), 4th Carmel Ferry (Gortahork).  Open: 1st Trish Warren (Falcarragh), 2nd Connor Gallagher (Burtonport), 4th Bruce Vial (Falcarragh).

Show Jumping Autumn League Leading Rider 2011 – Open: joint 4th Bruce Vial (Falcarragh).

Dressage League 2011 – Open: 6th Bruce Vial (Falcarragh).

Cross Country League 2011 – Primary: joint 5th Ryan McBride (Carrigart).  Advanced Primary: joint 5th Rachael McCrossan (Manorcunningham).  Intermediate: 6th Packie Ferry (Gortahork), Advanced Intermediate: 2nd Connor Gallagher (Burtonport), joint 4th Trish Warren (Falcarragh).

Thanks to Jane Conway for the full results: WR Leagues 2011.

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The North West League, once again, is at Templemore Equestrian Centre on:

  • Sunday, 12th February
  • Sunday, 19th February
  • Sunday, 4th March
  • Sunday, 11th March
  • Sunday, 25th March

See Northwest Show Schedule 2012 (subject to change).

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Equestrian Skillnet

Horse Sport Ireland list various courses coming up, including Western Riding and Equestrian Tourism.  The closest is probably in Mullingar, but some may appeal to a few members.  See Equestrian Skillnet.

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Gary Marshall Clinics

Gary Marshall, from Ballymena, will be holding show jumping clinics in Eglinton Equestrian Centre in September on:

  • Monday 5th
  • Tuesday 13th
  • Monday 19th
  • Monday 26th

Gary instructed a number of us at the Training Day at Cloncaw Equestrian Centre in Glaslough last May.  The clinics are suitable for all levels.  He will work on the basics of show jumping, starting with pole work, working up to a full course on the final night.  The fee is €25 per night and he wants to keep groups small, with maybe 4 or 5 per group.

Rachael needs to know how many would be interested in the clinics by Thursday at the latest, so contact her on 087-2128031 .  She can also answer any queries you may have.

Gary Marshall instructing at the Training Day in Glaslough

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W.R. Training Day Flowerhill

AIRC Western Region Training Day, Flowerhill E.C., Sunday 3rd July 2011

Schedule: Training Day – Flowerhill – 2011

You may do any two of:

  • Dressage
  • Showjumping
  • Cross Country
  • or the same one twice

Entries to Roisin by Friday, 24th June Thursday, 30th June – deadline extended!

Go on!  You know you want to.  How many times to you get to go around Flowerhill in the year?!

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Dalysgrove Derby and Dressage Show, Ahascragh, Co. Galway, Sunday 26th June 2011

Schedule: Dalysgrove Derby June 2011

AIRC Western Region Training Day, Flowerhill E.C., Sunday 3rd July 2011

Schedule: Training Day – Flowerhill – 2011

You may do any two of Dressage, show jumping, cross country (or the same one twice).

Entries to Roisin by Friday, 24th June.




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Great Day at Cloncaw

Regional Training Day, Cloncaw, 19th June 2011

What a day!  We all had a great time.  Thank you to Rachael and Ruth McCrossan for organising everything.  Thank you to Gary Marshall, Sally Mahon, Helen Nolan and Anthea Rainsbury for their great instruction.


Thank you too to Geraldine Bellew & Co. at Cloncaw Equestrian Centre.  The facilities were great.  Gary Marshall opted for the grass paddock for the show jump training as the ground was in great condition from the recent lack of rain, and it was a success.  The large and varied cross country course allowed Helen Nolan and Sally Mahon to instruct two groups simultaneously and Anthea had the large indoor arena for the dressage so probably didn’t get as much sun as the rest of us.


The training day was attended by members from Donegal Gaeltacht, Letterkenny, Tir Conaill, Redhills, Mosstown and Tonabrocky Riding Clubs.  Everyone was happy and learned a lot.

More photos in Gallery and on Letterkenny’s Website and in Martina Boyle’s Facebook Album.

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Times for Training Day

Lesson schedule for Regional Training day, Sunday 19th June 2011

at Cloncaw Equestrian Centre, Glaslough, Co. Monaghan.





  • Lawrence Smyth
  • Julia O’Neill
  • Jayne Robinson
  • Rachel Carton

12.15 P.M. – PRIMARY

  • Brenda Burke
  • Orla O’Reilly
  • Roisin McGee
  • Paul Hughes

LUNCH 1.30 – 2.30


  • Connor Gallagher
  • Patricia Warren
  • Marina Hamilton


  • Charlie Vial
  • Mona Vial
  • Sharon Murphy
  • Keary Smith
  • Libby Carton

Cross Country

Trainer : Helen Nolan


  • Bruce Vial
  • Connor Gallagher


  • Patricia Warren
  • Rachel McKimmin

Lunch 1.30 – 2.30


  • Julia O’Neill
  • Lawrence Smyth
  • Jayne Robinson


  • Martina McKenna
  • Rachael McCrossan

Cross Country

Trainer : Sally Mahon


  • Libby Carton
  • Mona Vial
  • Charlie Vial


  • Marina Hamilton
  • Ruth McCrossan
  • Keary Smith

Lunch 1.30 – 2.30

2.45P.M. – PRIMARY

  • Martina Boyle
  • Roisin McGee
  • Brenda Burke
  • Rachel Carton
  • Paul Hughes




  • Rachael McCrossan
  • Sharon Murphy


  • Martina Boyle
  • Martina McKenna

Lunch – 1.30 – 2.30


  • Ruth McCrossan
  • Orla O’Reilly


  • Bruce Vial
  • Rachel McKimmin

Every effort has been made to accommodate riders while keeping group numbers, within the grades, to a minimum.

A limited number of on-site stables are available to hire, either from the night before (€15.00) or for the day (€10.00).  These must be booked directly with Rachael (087 – 2128031 or rachaelmcc@eircom.net)by Wednesday 15th June on a first come first served basis.

Food will be available on the day at a cost of €10.00 per person.  Tea, Coffee and scones on arrival from 10 a.m.  Lunch (1.30 – 2.30) is a choice of Burgers / Spicy Chicken / Salad with chips or baked potatoes followed by chocolate cake and home made shortbread.  Tea and coffee will be available throughout the day.  Please confirm by Wednesday 15th June if your members and any foot followers wish to avail of the on-site catering.

Look forward to seeing you there.

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TREC Donegal June 2011

Donegal TREC are hosting their next event on
Saturday 11 June. The evening will comprise intensive TREC
orienteering training with TREC Ireland trainers Gwen Bastian and
Karen Murphy. This will be a very practical and useful session for
anyone interested in competing in TREC events and will include:
general TREC information session, orienteering theory, on foot
training (using your compass and the all important how to not get
lost!), and map room / route copying skills. Then there will be the
opportunity to do a driven route to put these skills into practice.
€25 per person or €20 per person if two or more from the same
household, (€5 discount for TREC Ireland members also).

For further details or to book a place contact me on 087 643 2458 or
email oreilly.orla@gmail.com.

Also, some upcoming dates for your diary – Donegal TREC’s upcoming events:
5–8 July   TREC training camp at Glenleary Stables (ages 10 plus)
16–17 July   TREC festival, Ramelton, Co. Donegal
Training on the 16th and level one and two 3-phase competitions on the 17th
(overnight camping/accommodation available).

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Regional Training Day


At Cloncaw Equestrian Centre, Glaslough, Co. Monaghan

On Sunday, 19th June 2011

Training in Cross Country, Showjumping and Dressage


  • Each member nominates any two of the following disciplines:-
    • X-Country, Show jumping, Dressage.
  • Members may elect to do the same discipline twice!
  • Members will have an opportunity to train at a grade higher than current grade.  Please indicate both current grade and higher on the Entry Form, and it also has to be confirmed with the Trainers on the day.
  • For those wishing to train at a grade lower than current grade, please indicate both current grade and lower grade on Entry Form.
  • Secretaries – please ensure to note if members XC and SJ and D grades differ.
  • Dress code is not formal but SAFETY GEAR MUST BE WORN, i.e. Skull cap, body protector.
  • There will be no refunds.
  • Start time is likely to be 11am .
  • Individual start times will be forwarded to Club Secretaries by Monday 13th June at latest.
  • Preference for mid day sessions will be given to those travelling long distances but this cannot be guaranteed in all cases.
  • Food will be available to purchase.
  • Please be on time for your class, out of respect for the trainers and other members on your team.
  • Please bring 2011 AIRC membership card and equine passport.


  • A limited number of stables are available on Saturday night of 18th June and/or during day of 19th June.
  • You may also camp in tents or in your lorries.


  • Entry fee – €40 per person
  • Entries through Club Secretaries only, on Entry Form (below), with Club cheque payable to AIRC Western Region.
  • Last date for entries – Friday, 10th June 2011.
  • Queries to Rachael McCrossan on 087-2128031.

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